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November 9, 2022

Dear Parents, Guardians, Families, and Community Members,
The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) provides a series of reports designed
to obtain a snapshot of student performance. Reports are located in My School Info and include the
Public School Rating (Accountability At-a-Glance), ESSA School Index, and School Report Card.
The School Rating (Accountability At-a-Glance) converts the ESSA School Index score into an
easy-to-read letter grade and shows student performance broken down by various subgroups of
students. Schools have not received letter grades for the past two school years due to the impact of
COVID-19 (students were not required to test in 2020 and school ratings were waived in 2020 and
● 2022 School Ratings for Dermott High School are available here:
The focus of the ESSA School Index is student achievement and growth. For more information on
ESSA indicators, go to
● The 2022 ESSA School Index for Dermott High School is available here:
The School Report Card consists of 18 modules that provide in-depth information including
achievement and growth data, graduation rates, teacher quality, school environment, and more.
Educators, parents, students, and the community can use the School Report Card to discuss
strengths and examine opportunities for improvement. 2022 School Report Cards will be released in
two phases beginning December 31, 2022.
We are proud that these reports show us increasing in the majority of our tested areas. We are
regaining progress lost because of the pandemic in Math, Science, and English. We are working to
surpass our pre-covid numbers through the utilization of Professional Learning Communities, The
Writing Revolution, math and writing workshops, after school tutoring, and interventions. We are also
working to increase parental and community involvement through community forums, parent tours,
family nights, Title 1 meetings, and annual reports to the public.
Jessica Rayner, DHS Principal
November 9, 2022
Dear Parents, Guardians, Families, and Community Members,
Dermott High School is making every attempt to address learning loss and provide our students with
opportunities to learn through the use of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief
(ESSER) funds. Our team has used or plans to use ESSER funds to address learning loss through
projects such as:
● After school tutoring
● Interventions
● Curriculum
● Professional Development
We have also utilized our ESSER funds in the following ways to make improvements to our school:
● Cleaning Supplies
● Camera System
After reviewing the 2022 reports, we hope you will continue to work with Dermott High School in our
efforts towards continuous improvement for all students.
We want to remind you that we will have a Math workshop: Painting with a Twist on November 15th,
Thanksgiving Feast on November 17th and Krunk Christmas Family Night December 5th. I hope to
see you all soon!
Principal Rayne

Read the full report/letter here