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Certified Staff Email Addresses

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Certified Staff Email Addresses

First Name Last Name Position Email Address
Missy Adams Elementary Media Specialist missy.adams@dermott.k12.ar.us
Amanda Bittle Federal Programs Coordinator amanda.bittle@dermott.k12.ar.us
Julia Boatner 6th Grade Literacy & Social Studies Teacher julia.boatner@dermott.k12.ar.us
Rutha Branch 7 - 12 Business Teacher rutha.branch@dermott.k12.ar.us
Lottie Bunn High School Counselor lottie.bunn@dermott.k12.ar.us
Lesa Caine Elementary Counselor lesa.caine@dermott.k12.ar.us
Robert Cook 7 - 12 Math Teacher robert.cook@dermott.k12.ar.us
Bernice Donald 9 - 12 Social Studies Teacher bernice.donald@dermott.k12.ar.us
Pat Freeman 3rd Grade Teacher pat.freeman@dermott.k12.ar.us
Bertha Freeman K - 12 Art Teacher bertha.freeman@dermott.k12.ar.us
Arneice Gardner Curriculum Coordinator arneice.gardner@dermott.k12.ar.us
Susan Gatlin 2nd Grade Teacher susan.gatlin@dermott.k12.ar.us
Kelvin Gragg Superintendent kelvin.gragg@dermott.k12.ar.us
Ernestine Gray Elementary Interventionist ernestine.gray@dermott.k12.ar.us
Carol Gregory 2nd Grade Teacher carol.gregory@dermott.k12.ar.us
Pat Hartley High School Computer Lab Facilitator pat.hartley@dermott.k12.ar.us
Bill Hartley 9 - 12 Science & Math Teacher bill.hartley@dermott.k12.ar.us
Sandra Horn 7 - 12 Special Education Teacher sandra.horn@dermott.k12.ar.us
Jill Jackson Reading Recovery Teacher jill.jackson@dermott.k12.ar.us
Charlena Johnston Special Education Supervisor charlena.johnston@dermott.k12.ar.us
Sandra Jordan Math Instructional Facilitator sandra.jordan@dermott.k12.ar.us
Pat Jordan 4th Grade Literacy & Social Studies Teacher pat.jordan@dermott.k12.ar.us
Ashley Kelnhofer Speech Therapist ashley.kelnhofer@dermott.k12.ar.us
Bertha Kemp Elementary Special Education Teacher bertha.kemp@dermott.k12.ar.us
Leroy Kennedy K - 12 PE Teacher & Girls Basketball Coach leroy.kennedy@dermott.k12.ar.us
Alma Mallett K - 12 Music Teacher alma.mallett@dermott.k12.ar.us
Linda McDaniel 7 - 8 Math & Science Teacher linda.mcdaniel@dermott.k12.ar.us
Gayle Medlin Kindergarten Teacher gayle.medlin@dermott.k12.ar.us
Wilma Newton Elementary Computer Lab & Science Lab Facilitator wilma.newton@dermott.k12.ar.us
Willie Parker 7 - 12 PE Teacher & Boys Basketball Coach willie.parker@dermott.k12.ar.us
Jackie Perry 3rd Grade Teacher jackie.perry@dermott.k12.ar.us
Gwen Robinson 10 - 12 Medical Professions Teacher gwen.robinson@dermott.k12.ar.us
Wilmer Rose K - 12 Special Education Teacher wilmer.rose@dermott.k12.ar.us
Amy Sampolesi 1st Grade Teacher amy.sampolesi@dermott.k12.ar.us
Onnie Simpson Literacy Instructional Facilitator onnie.simpson@dermott.k12.ar.us
Lana Smith K - 12 GT, 7 - 12 Social Studies, & 7 - 12 Business Teacher lana.smith@dermott.k12.ar.us
Brooke Smith 10 - 12 English Teacher brooke.smith@dermott.k12.ar.us
Angela Snuffer High School Media Specialist angela.snuffer@dermott.k12.ar.us
Terry Swilley K - 12 Principal terry.swilley@dermott.k12.ar.us
Gina Tabor 4th Grade Math & Science Teacher gina.tabor@dermott.k12.ar.us
Jansen Thompson 7 - 9 English Teacher jansen.thompson@dermott.k12.ar.us
Sarah Tomlin 9 - 12 Science Teacher sarah.tomlin@dermott.k12.ar.us
Pat Torrence Kindergarten Teacher pat.torrence@dermott.k12.ar.us
David Waschalk High School Band Director david.waschalk@dermott.k12.ar.us
Brittney Wells 5th Grade Math & Science Teacher brittney.wells@dermott.k12.ar.us
Uwanda Wright 1st Grade Teacher uwanda.wright@dermott.k12.ar.us
Allen Young 7 - 12 Health & Social Studies Teacher allen.young@dermott.k12.ar.us


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